Berlin Championship

We are proud to announce the 1st Berlin Championship. The  Berlin Championship tries to unite all tournaments in Berlin, to produce synergy effects and to increase the tournament experience for everybody. In 2019, the Championship will consist of 3 tournaments: Berlin Classic Edition, Berlin Open Edition and Berlin Chaos Edition. Every Tournament will have its own ruleset and will be part of the North German Bloodbowl Championship. The Winner of the Berlin Championship will get free entry to the whole Championship in 2020! In contrast to the title, every interested coach around the world is invited to participate. A separate registration for the Championship is not required. Participation in at least two of our tournaments is enough. As a small gimmick, we will announce a discount of 10€ on the total price of 60€ to everyone who signs up for all three tournaments within the Championship.

Next tournament: Chaos Edition | 23.11.2019 replaced by KKND

Berlin Chaos Edition will be replaced by KKND - KRUSH - KILL - N - DESTROY - 2019 - CHRISTMAS EDITION and already registered coaches will be transfered. 

All tournaments

  • 09.02 till 10.02
  • Fee: 20€
  • Stadtschloss Moabit
  • "Classic"-Rules
  • 5 Games Swiss-Style

  • 13.04 till 14.04
  • Fee: 20€
  • Stadtschloss Moabit
  • WorldCup-Rules
  • 6 Games Swiss-Style

  • 23.11 till 24.11
  • Fee: 20€
  • Stadtschloss Moabit
  • "Chaos-Cup"-Rules
  • 6 Games Swiss-Style